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M.A.C. Feedback

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None Like My Auction Creator

I've tried so many ebay plugins and tools but none worked as easy and clean as the MAC tools do. We are using these tools on 2 of our websites to display our eBay store products and my goodness have our websites and sales sky rocket! I still can't believe you don't charge a penny to use this. Thanks a lot to the creator for such a great eBay tool. I still can't believe you don't charge a penny to use this.


MAC is a fantastic tool

We build websites mainly for coin dealers and using this app we are able to easily display their ebay items on their site. Its quick and easy, and best of all, it works great.

-Alan Stullenbarger

Amazing tool

My Auction Creator is an amazing tool that seamlessly integrates LIVE online auction listings from your eBay store to your website with to the SECOND live action!

-Suzan Kelloway


What a cool Tool for being able to show live eBay listings on my website! Great job, Rigo! Keep up the awesome job! Your hard work is absolutely appreciated!! ~Mike

-Mike Rothwell

Very useful tool

Very simple and very impressive little tool I used on my clients website so she can display both her new online shop and her Ebay selling on her website. Would highly recommend.