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M.A.C. Demonstration

Here are some demonstrations on how to use My Auction Creator. This is simply accomplished by adding the code you get from any of the 4 tools and pasting the code onto your website page.

Add Your eBay Items Tool

As you can see below, the demonstration is of that of the "Column List" style in Add Your eBay Items and it is showing 6 items, with the pagination box checked to show the ability to browse for more active listings on more pages.

Add Your eBay Banner Tool

Just like your standard ads found in google for example, with the Add Your eBay Banner tool, you can add interactive banners to your website displaying your items.You have a large amount of choices in banners to choose from. You can use one style or five in different sections of your website.

Add Your eBay Profile Tool

If you want to keep is simple and small and just show your users how great of a feedback you have on eBay, the Add Your eBay Profile tool to do just that. On this demonstration we are using the 'Color Profile' theme.

Add Your eBay Feedback Tool

The Add Your eBay Feedback tool is a great way to display how positive your feedback is on eBay and so letting your users know you are a true business person with nothing but the most of trust in your costumers experience. Test it out and see what style you like best for your website.